Or, How to Decide between two self described “Deciders”

George Custer

George Bush

Liked to dress up in extra fancy military uniforms

Likes to dress up in fancy uniforms inappropriate to the occasion

Fought to get into combat

Fought to stay out of combat

Won lots of medals in wartime

Won a country club golf tournament in wartime

Was afraid of no man

Is afraid of Cindy Sheehan

Loves the Press

Doesn’t like to be Pressed

Had golden locks

Gets gold from supporters

His boots had horse droppings on the outside

His boots have a horse dropping on the inside

Had heroic brothers equally admirable

Has brothers

Made one truly stupid combat decision

Making lots of truly stupid combat decisions

Got a few hundred of his troopers killed and maimed

Got tens of thousands of his troops killed and maimed

Wanted to be President, but got what he deserved for his stupidity

Wanted to be Emperor, but got elected President despite his stupidity

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