Or, How To Tell If A Congressman Is Corrupt

10. He voted for the so-called “Legislative Transparency and Accountability Act of 2006" which has the same chance of reducing addition to lobbyist largesse as the so-called "Energy Policy Act of 2005" has of reducing addition to oil.

9. The entire “A” section of his rolladex has been missing since Abramoff’s guilty plea.

8. He likes to relax with a simple game of golf . . . . at St. Andrews . . . . in Scotland.

7. He thought Enron had some good ideas and what’s good for Enron’s good for America.

6. Haliburton is on speed dial in his cell phone.

5. His ATM is located on K Street.

4. His aides all smoke Havana cigars and already had their own chauffeur driven limos when they were hired.

3. He ran on an “honesty in government” or a “reform” platform.

2. He is a white male.

1. He is an incumbent.

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