Or, Duck, the Republicans Are In Charge

Republican Presidency. Republican dominated Senate. Republican dominated House. Republican controlled Supreme Court. Republican secret courts. Republican appointed military Chiefs of Staff, NSA and CIA. Republican hired directors of all bureaucracies like FEMA, FCC and FTC. Republican paid “inspectors,” “prosecutors” and “regulators.” Republican owned news outlets, media and networks. Republican press releases unexamined. Republican “pundits.” Republican CEO monopoly of oil, gas, drug, chemical, lumber, insurance, banks, credit and “defense” companies and contractors. Republican Stock Exchange. The Republican “philosophy” that the end justifies any means. The new Republican version of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Republican selected “Ambassadors.” The “real” Republican reasons for invading other countries. Republican conduct of the occupation since starting the wars. Republican only TV evangelists and their reinterpretation of Christ had to say. Republican only lobbyist firms on K Street. Republican campaign contributors. Republican PACs. The Republican demanded and Republican supplied, hackable, paperless, tracerless all-electronic voting machines.

How long will we continue allowing Republicans to use the excuse of blaming Clinton for everything going wrong today,? Shouldn’t we start calling this proverbial Duck - a Duck? Since all the foregoing has been true for the last six years or more, just how many reasons do you need to finally vote for anyone else?

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