Or, Does the President Ever Listen to His Own Speeches”

Bush stated on June 7 he wanted immigrants to learn “the values and history and language of America.”

I’m sincerely hoping he wasn’t referring to just the “values” he and his cohorts appear to practice such as defense of torture, invasions on whim, spying on everyone, evasion of laws, oath breaking, intolerant discrimination, xenophobic paranoia, arrogant lying, blatant hypocrisy, rampant cronyism, political chicanery, close mindedness, opposition to science, religious zealotry, shortsighted wastefulness, unbridled greed, as well as abandonment of the poor, the ill, the aged, the workers, women and veterans.

The one other hopeful note is that perhaps Bush will take his own advice and crack at least a history book or two since he continues to refuse reading science texts or newspapers. And, maybe our “nuklar” President will decide to finally learn the language himself.

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