Or, Why Some Leaks Seem to Come from Drips in Office

Why does the Administration seemingly only want to investigate and prosecute alleged “national security” leaks which happen to expose crimes, corruption, incompetence or constitutional crises of the Administration?

Why did we spend millions and tie up dozens of Justice Department attorneys for literally years trying to find out who “leaked” the exposure of CIA agent Valerie Plame when the Administration not only knew the answer from the beginning, but was the actual source of the “leak”?

Why was not only a CIA agent deliberately endangered by such a leak, but also all those she worked with and the cover so expensively and time consumingly created?

How is leaking of secret information classified as vital to national security suddenly not so vital merely because declassifying it helps advance partisan political goals? Why was the “declassification” of the secret kept secret?

If a CIA agent’s secret identity is not important to remain secret, then why is it so important to stamp everything else in sight “SECRET” even that which was already printed and available in libraries and on the internet?

Why is it apparently only important to keep things secret from the American voters?

When did “national security” come to mean exclusively "job security" for the current Administration?

Oh, never mind. I think I have answered my own questions.

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