Or, Everything You Wanted to Know about Iraq to Be Crammed in Sixty Seconds”

Speaker of the House, Dennis Hastert, indicated that they might “spend the day, maybe more than a day, talking about the principles of what we’ve done and why we’ve gone into Iraq, and the goals and views of fighting against terrorism.”

Whoopee. Thousand of lives lost, tens of thousands lives ruined with physical and mental wounds, decades of good will wasted, billions of dollars plundered, maybe a trillion wasted, not to mention atrocities and torture, deliberate lies and misdirection, gross incompetence, constitutional crisis and, yet, the Republicans are only willing to devote maybe a day or so on the subject.

Compare that to all the House time spent on a brain dead woman, on gay bashing, on foreigner bashing, on semen staining a blue dress and on the exceedingly rare flag burning, none of which have relatively much power to adversely affect us in the same way as a War.

A day?? Eight short hours or so to debate a subject so massive as to demand weeks or months, not to mention an impeachment or three?

Keep in mind, the Republican proposal gives the 435 individuals eligible to speak a whole MINUTE, maybe a minute and a half, to discuss what is needed. And, that’s assuming no time off for lunch, collecting bribes, moving to the microphone and assuming no partisan game playing by the Speaker.

Don’t those in charge ever get embarrassed about anything? We need to remind them how utterly ridiculous those restrictions on debate are. We need to remind them how ridiculous it makes the entire country seem. We need to remind them by voting them all out of office this Fall?

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