Or, Why Is Rewarding Bad Behavior and Punishing Obedience Official Bush Policy?

Let’s see. North Korea (which has a dictator who hates our guts, seems far nastier than Sadaam, and admits having nukes) gets left alone completely by Bush except for meaningless rhetoric.

Iran (which has an elected government that hates our guts, is as nasty as Sadaam and is trying to become nuclear armed) gets offered bribes by Bush amid the usual rhetoric.

In contrast, Iraq (which had a typical nasty dictator but had basically given up attempts to develop nukes and allowed UN inspectors to confirm that) gets bombed, invaded, and occupied by Bush with its leader put on trial for his life.

Hmm. Apparently, the loud message and only message Bush wants to deliver is that the way to be totally safe from Bush is to get nukes quick. Gee, why don’t I feel safer?

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