Subject: Press Release Regarding The Time Magazine “Person of the Year” Award

According to Time Magazine, I’m "Person of the Year" (along with everyone else in the world apparently). If so, here's my "State of the Union" message acknowledging the “honor.”

Thank you, I think, for naming me “Person of the Year.” In any event, I accept. The first thing I intend to do as a result of my newly elevated status is to use my podium to tell the Prez and the Press Corp - Get Us Out of Iraq! And, do it NOW, not some future year after I go back to not being worthy of counting by anybody in power! That’s My billions being wasted. That’s My friends and family being destroyed.

To insure we don’t keep getting mired over there again in the future, I also want an alternate energy program developed. I want it Now during My Year, not my Great Grandchildren’s Year. I realize we cannot get wind, wave, solar, and so on instantaneously as I would like, certainly not with those currently called "leaders," but as newly announced “Person of the Year,” I at least want a conservation program to go into effect - starting Now. And, in the meantime, how about a huge tax on oil companies to help encourage that conservation alternate energy use and development?

If I can't have any of those things, then I want some accountability for all the incompetence as well as lies and corruption I have been forced to witness. And that not only means the Prez, all those working for or with him, and all those who were too weak or ineffectual to stop them, it also means Time Magazine itself and the rest of the main stream media mavens that have proven themselves so embarrassingly gutless, lazy, trivial, scared and/or ignorant for so long.

Since I only have a year to be Time’s so-called "Person of the Year," I don’t have time to wait. Let's get these things underway Now!

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The Scribe said...

So it really is all about me. I mean, us.
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