Or, What Bush and the Republican Agenda has Achieved and at what Cost

The checklist of things that the Republican Party really wants since the Neo Cons seized control of it back in the 80s is becoming clear as evidenced by the results of the last decade or so. It is only a minor exaggeration to sum it up as follows:

Apparent Republican “Missions Accomplished”:

Make oil companies richer
Make media conglomerates richer
Make gun manufacturers and war industries richer
Make insurance companies richer
Make importers richer
Make offshore banks richer
Make foreign manufacturers richer
Make drug companies richer
Make lumber companies richer
Make coffin makers richer
Make lobbyists richer
Make incumbents richer
Make fundamentalist TV preachers richer
Make rich individuals much richer
Make spying on opponents easier
Make starting wars easier
Make being a bald, white male easier
Make bigotry easier
Make electing rich, white, male, bigoted, extremist, Republicans easier
Eliminate any Republican who is not an extremist clone
Distract voters
Find a cure for baldness and erectile disfunction

Continuing “Collateral Damage”:

Reduction, impoverishment, elimination, or subversion of
Protections for our air, water, food sources and wildlife
Staff and funding for our regulatory agencies and justice department
Unbiased judiciary
Accurate and reliable electoral system
Emergency preparedness
Diversity and upwards mobility
Personal privacy and safety
Tolerance and good natured humor
Free speech and dissent
Freedom from government torture and spying
The Constitution and the Bill of Rights (except for gun toting)
Due process and fairness
Checks and balances
Moderation and reasonability
Competence and capability
Openness and accountability
Honesty and honor
Allies and trust
Security for ports, transportation system and infrastructure
Bipartisanship and national unity
Favorable trade balance and a balanced budget
The lower and middle classes
The National Guard and military morale
Ability to deal with fresh international threats
Veterans and their families
Worker wages and protections
Health care and pension coverage
Women and children
The elderly and retired
Competition and innovation
Science and exploration
Education and reading
Investigative journalism and news reporting
Practicing the actual teachings of Christ
The moral “high ground”
The “Golden Rule”
New Orleans
Pride in what America is Doing

Apparent Continuing Goals:

Make the Republican control of everything permanent
Extend that control to other countries
Silence all opposition
Keep the efforts secret

Too bad everyone leading what’s left of the Democratic Party is too fearful, too lazy, too defensive, too corrupt or too incompetent to do anything about it. As clumsy and as inefficient as the Parliamentarian system is, it is starting to look better for preserving democracy than our two party system.

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