Or, the "X"ing out the Choices

a. John Edwards
b. Bill Moyer
c. Tie: Dennis Kuchinichs or possibly his wife
d. Mike Bloomberg
e. Bill Richardson
f. Tie: Barack Obama/Hillary Clinton
g. Tie: John Anderson or Ross Perot if they are still alive
h. Just about any office holder of any party except the Republicans and Neo Nazis
i. Bill Gates so long as we were not required to use his operating system on our computers
j. Warren Buffett so long as he donates all his money to reduce the national debt
k. George Clooney so we can have a better looking class of female interns in the White House (they must not wear blue dresses though)
l. George Lucas so long as he promised not to redo any of his movies any more
m. Someone selected at random out of the phonebook so long as they were not already a convicted felon
n. The guy currently playing James Bond in the movies so long as he agrees he must fight any future Middle Eastern wars by himself
o. Ron Paul
p. A mental retard
q. Lindsay Lohan
r. Me
s. A Republican who actually believed in the words of the Constitution such as understanding freedom of religion includes freedom from religion or a Republican who actually believed in science, law, conservation, and conservatism ( I recognize these are mythical creatures, but if one ever comes into existence, then they could be on the list)
t. Ronald Reagan so long as he agrees to remain completely dead and doesn’t do anything
u. Arnold Schwarzenegger so long as he agrees to go back in time first and insure George Bush senior never meets Barbara Bush
v. Buzz Lightyear
w. The last man on earth

x. Bush, Cheney and anybody they ever nominated to any position of authority

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