Or, Why We Need to Impeach the Prez and Darth Vader Today!

If anyone still needs a reason why we need to commence impeachment proceedings against Bush and Cheney immediately instead of just waiting for their term to expire, here’s several:

1. Their arrogance, carelessness or simple ignorance could drag us into a wasteful war with Iran or any of several other countries they don’t happen to like at the moment. Or, they could gratuitously make some of those country’s men sufficiently dedicated to attack us at home again.

2. Their strutting insensitivities and perennial clumsiness could also finish alienating the few allies we have left who might still trust or like us.

3. Their egos, lack of experience and aggressive whims could finish their depletion of our military capability and morale.

4. They could auction off the national forests, parks or other important assets.

5. They could assist in sending ever more jobs, not to mention our dollars, overseas and mortgage our future and independence deeper in debt to countries that would be delighted to see us stumble.

6. They could appoint still more unremovable, partisan and injudicious judges who would then be able to rigidly continue enforcing Bush’s bankrupt ideology for decades to come.

7. They could pardon all the criminals within their current administration and among their campaign contributors. They could simultaneously dismiss all ongoing regulatory efforts and suits attempting to keep our air breathable, our water drinkable, our food edible and our goods safe to use.

8. Their spying on opposition leaders could find enough material to blackmail them into submission, although it appears that may have already happened.

9. They could even initiate a coup to keep them selves in power by suspending the Constitution to “protect” us from “terrorists,” rounding up and permanently jailing or torturing anyone protesting as an “enemy of the state.” Or if not, what they have done already in emasculating the other branches of government will likely insure that future administrations will be able or at least attempt to be equally dictatorial.

10. They could drive us into a deadly recession or depression. Oops. Probably too late for that one.

Most important of all perhaps. If they escape without punishment of some sort, it pretty much invalidates all that this country once stood for.

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