If It’s a "War for Civilization" as Bush Says, Too Bad It’s Custer That’s Apparently Leading Us

Bush keeps pontificating to voters that he is leading what amounts to a “War for Civilization” itself. Since he chose to characterize it that way, why then do we only have a few hundred thousand troops in Afghanistan and Iraq - his declared front lines?

If this is a “War for Civilization,” why haven’t we re-instituted the draft? Why aren’t more of the sons and daughters of Republican legislators in uniform? Why aren’t the First Daughters being volunteered for military service? Why didn’t the military have better armor and supplies from the beginning? Why is he bankrupting our National Guard? Why is he spending $150,000 per year for each private company security guard/mercenary for profit when that same amount could pay for five or more loyal privates in the actual Army?

If this is a “War for Civilization,” why did Bush have the military kick out so many arabic translators and trained troops for the sole reason they happened to be gay? Why is so much time spent on frivolous issues like that rather than this his “Crusade” of his as he called it?

If this is a “War for Civilization,” why has he largely abandoned (except campaign rhetoric) the search for the guy who started it, Osama bin Laden? Why has he had those few generals and strategic planners who make accurate predictions fired? Why has he given the idiots who keep making mistakes Medals of Freedom? Why is the policy equivalent of attacking a machine gun nest head-on over and over trumpeted as “staying the course?” Why does he automatically dismiss all other possible approaches to the problem as “cut and run?” Why didn’t he seek better information before blundering forward in the first place wasting vitally needed troop and assets to fight such a War? Worse, why does he continue to repeat mistakes even why they are forced reluctantly to be admitted?

If this is a “War for Civilization,” why are only “yes men” allowed in the Administration? Shouldn’t the Best be chosen regardless of political party affiliation if we are in such a war? Don’t we need everyone’s assistance if Civilization truly is at stake? Why is he polarizing the country rather than seeking unity? Why are consensus, conciliation, cooperation and compromise merely curse words for the present Administration?

If this is a “War for Civilization,” why is Bush assisting some countries like India and apparently Pakistan obtain or improve nuclear capabilities knowing they might become enemies in the future as Rumsfeld’s bosom buddy from the ‘80s, Saddam, did for example? Why didn’t Bush attack first our strongest enemies, the ones that actually did have nuclear weapons like North Korea?

If this is a “War for Civilization,” why did he decide to do it on our own? Why didn’t he genuinely try to gain allies and bolster alliances instead of ignoring them, insulting them, pissing them off or, for that matter, sexually harassing their Chancellor at G-8 Conferences? For God’s sake, why on earth is he doing things like torturing prisoners which is almost certain to strengthen recruiting of enemies? Why is he approving the killing of women and children with not-so-smart bombs when police swat-like techniques can work without the unnecessary “collateral damage?”

If we want to be deemed civilized ourselves, why did he abandon the Geneva Convention? In fact, if Democracy is the Civilization foundation he claims to be protecting, why does he feel he must destroy it here? Why is he refusing to allow submission of any acts to war crimes tribunals for adjudication? And, why is he periodically advocating use of weapons of mass destruction ourselves?

If this is a “War for Civilization,” why does he keep diverting taxes that could fund that war into the hands of the already super rich? Why are primarily his campaign contributors benefitting from his War? And, why aren’t the war profiteers in charge of Halliburton and other companies in trial or jail for the missing millions or the overcharges or corruption? Why is he deliberately allowing our security deficient nuclear and chemical plants to avoid spending money to prevent terrorist attacks? Why are cargo containers entering our harbors and airports still 90% uninspected 5 years after the dangers of not doing so became obvious?

If this is a “War for Civilization,” why haven’t we started a “Manhattan Project” to eliminate the need for oil as fuel? With the doubled oil prices primarily enriching our declared enemies, isn’t it the equivalent of being a traitor to keep buying gas hogs? Why aren’t there massive taxes and other disincentives to reduce gas consumption? Come to think of it, why does the War for Civilization only seem to be fought in countries where there are oil supplies?

If this is a “War for Civilization,” why does Bush spend so much time on personal vacations? How did he manage to have time to allegedly read up to 50 books for pleasure last year as claimed?

And finally, why does this War for Civilization claim only seem to come up when it is election time? I imagine you already know the answers.

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