Or, Why neither wants the other to lose

It’s been five years, but Osama is still at large. Reporters apparently can find and interview him. He practically has an industry in producing videos with himself as star. He is a tall man whose easily identifiable face and beard is plastered on wanted posters just about everywhere. So here we are with the only person alive who has actually admitted to planning and participating in 9/11 and yet Bush, with all his wiretaps of everyone on earth practically, his torturing of prisoners to supposedly gain information, his suspension of nearly every Constitutional right we once had, his spending of literally trillions of dollars and millions of man hours, cannot seem to locate a guy who has kidney failure of all things and is forced to drag around a dialysis machine of all things with him. Why?

Why did Bush turn down an offer by the Taliban just prior to our invasion who offered to deliver him to Bush if Bush would merely supply the same amount of proof that our own courts would require - probable cause. That was back before Osama started bragging about it, but the Taliban never got the chance to see any proof because Bush said hell no and demanded surrender of a sovereign county’s resident or else. Maybe the Taliban were just joking, but why didn’t Bush at least call their bluff before invading and getting a bunch of our troops killed in the process? Would it have hurt to try?

Why did Bush a couple of years ago dismantle the task force that was dedicated to capturing or killing Osama? Bush admits he did so and yet here he is making campaign speeches about how important it is to find him and how Democrats are supposedly soft on terror merely because they want to focus on Osama rather than wasting assets, diverting attention and making fresh enemies in Iraq.

I think you already know. Election time is approaching again and since it has been proven and finally admitted by Bush that Saddam was innocent, at least of 9/11, he is no longer available as a “boogeyman.” And, that is precisely why in Bush’s grand strategy to permanently dismantle our election system it is essentially that Osama remain loose to scare babies and the dim witted.

But, why has Osama so willing cooperated? Osama’s videos seem almost timed to insure that Bush and the Republicans get re-elected. Surely Bush is the Grand Satan, killer of friends and compatriots. Why then help Bush? Osama is many things, but dumb is not one of them.

The answer may be in part that Bush has proven himself over five years either unwilling or incompetent to do anything about Osama. An elected Democrat might be much better and stop wasting time elsewhere. In other words, there is little to fear so long as Bush is in power.

Second, Bush is the best terrorist recruiter Osama ever had. Recruits have grown a hundred fold, both because of success against Bush and Bush’s turning Osama into a media superstar. Bush’s policies continue to inflame passion and Bush promises never to change no matter how many times he is proven wrong.

Third, Bush took out probably the greatest competitor for attention and power in the Arab world by removing Saddam. Evidence is pretty clear that Saddam did not like Osama and would have crushed him as a rival given the chance. Saddam and Osama were from different and, at that time, antagonist branches of Islam. Thanks to Bush, Osama is now the top dog.

Fourth, Bush manages to unite former enemies and turn them against the US. Sunni, Shiite, even Lebanese Christians are now united in their animosity toward the US seeming to hate us more than each other. Least anyone has forgotten, Osama, a Saudi, was originally interested in deposing the royal family in charge of Saudi Arabia. He saw the US as an obstacle in that goal which is why most of the 9/11 hijackers were also Saudi citizens. We were really just a side show, but now we have fed even greater ambitions of Osama to re-unite the whole Arab world. As long as we have a President who stupidly refers to things “Crusades” in the Middle East, Osama will be happy.

Thanks to Bush and his heavy handed methods, he first says he is in favor of democracy and loudly demands it of all. He has come close to destabilizing Egypt, Turkey, certainly Lebanon, Palestine and Jordan as a result. Be careful. Bush is here to “help.” Then, he compounds the problems by proving his hypocrisy when he doesn’t happen to like the results as for example the Hamas and Hezbollah elected in fair elections.

Plus, he has managed to alienate practically all the allies the US once had.

Why wouldn’t Osama want Bush and those who think like him to be “elected” in perpetuity? Bush is the best thing that has happened to Osama.

Bush and bin Laden - neither can survive without the other.

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