Or, Cain’t Keep Listening to McCain and the Lame Dame Proclaim the Same Ol’ Dang Thing

With Senator McCain, we can’t possibly gain.
He’ll continue the pain. It’ll fester and remain.

More economy strain. More military drain.
More pollutants in rain. More torture and shame.

The Constitution is stained if not totally slain.
Health’s not maintained. Folks dying in vain.

We’re hated from Bahrain clear up to the Ukraine. Whether Haitian or Dane,
Even in Spain, we’re hotly distained whether village or city or mountain or plain.

Why his pals acted so wild and insane, he still has yet to begin to explain.
From all that we can currently obtain, McCain is proclaiming just their usual refrain.

It’s a long, very long, culpability chain. So, why keep it the same and suffer again?

As for that questionable dame he chose to campaign,
Her main claim to fame seems to be her lipstick and aim.

Her confident claim is we assuredly sprang without contradiction from Able and Cain.
As for sex, just simply abstain. No need to worry if you’re upright, not layin’.

Her statements are so silly, you’d think she’s Mark Twain.
As far as the facts allow us to ascertain, Palin’s deranged and should be detained.

I shouldn’t be angry and loudly profane, but where the &#@% did McCain leave his brain?
The question to frame is do we want her to train when all of her answers focus on drilling and cranes?

She’s not a boon; she’s a bane. So, please pick again, not someone so lame.
She’s only more of the same of those who would reign.

Why in the world would you vote to retain someone from the party responsible for most of the blame?

This isn’t a game. It’s not arcane or mundane. Logic and research makes it quite plain.
Unless you really like to complain, select real change in those to ordain.

Barack is our man. Obama’s the name.
He’s bright and urbane. Look at all he overcame.

And what McCain won’t even feign to tame, Obama at least, will try to restrain.
With him in office, in the same vein, our principles and honor won’t tarnish and wane.

At least, he knows what we need to regain. A weather vane is not what he became.
So what if he bowls down the wrong lane? So what if he likes bread with whole wheat grain?

So what if he has a strange sounding name. So what if he drinks not beer, but champagne?
So what if he’s black? To what does that pertain? Is racism forever and always ingrained?

“Vote for Obama,” we proudly exclaim! Let him be the one in that big Air Force plane.

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