Or, The Press Insistence That Only Black Preachers Are Nuts

Why does Rev. Wright automatically have to be labeled "left wing" by the press?

Can't we, as physicists do with "string theory," recognize that there might be other dimensions at "right angles," so to speak, to the normal left-right, up-down, forward-back plus time dimensions we normal folk perceive? In other words, dimensions outside reality?

Surely all the self styled holders of supposed religious "truths" like Wright, Falwell, Hagee, Robertson, ad infinitum, are so contrary to common sense that their minds must work, if "work" is an accurate term to use in connection with them, in totally different dimensions from the rest of us. Perhaps we should label them all as existing solely in the Lunatic Dimension.

They all have a Rod Sterling-isk quality to their rantings. It makes me feel like we are living in a bizarre episode of the “Twilight Zone.”

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