"Or, Bush's G8 Group Grope"

Watching or listening to Bush during non-scripted episodes seems to almost always turn out to be one cring generating moment after another. In the latest example, the recent G8 Summit Conference, we got to hear once again his apparently routine off-mike potty mouth, his surprisingly dim witted efforts at small talk with fellow world leaders, his smirking and arrogant belittling, his childish impatience and what could only be called petulant whining, his slack jawed boredom with the part of his job having to do with adult difficult questions, and his evident lack of history, geography, math and other basic knowledge, all put in full view by comments he mistakenly believed were unrecorded.

This time though something new was caught on camera, something disturbingly worse. It was his obviously unsolicited molestation of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s body. Good Lord, what was the man thinking? What in his upbringing made him think that grabbing would be welcomed by any woman, let alone a European head of state? Did he think that was a way to make friends?

What an embarrassment, particularly since he didn't seem to notice or care whether it irritated the recipient. Hopefully, the new Chancellor of German does not think all of us are like that.

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