Or, Why Are the Neocons Acting Like Characters in a Warner Brother’s Cartoon?

Ever noticed how much the White House luminaries act like Chuck Jones or Tex Avery cartoon film characters, only nastier? Take bald headed VP Cheney. He is surely Elmer Fudd, but with expletives inserted. His Chief of Staff Rove, so large of mouth so full of teeth, could give the Tasmanian Devil lessons in rapaciousness.

If "Ambassador" Boulton and his UN sized mustache is not Yosemite Sam, then he must be at least his offspring. Meanwhile, over at the Pentagonal, Secretary of Defense (Secretary of Offense? Or, perhaps Secretary of Awful Defense?) Rumsfeld is the obvious reincarnation of Wile E. Coyote who apparently is still being supplied exclusively by ACME Manufacturing Company, no doubt a wholly owned subsidiary of Halliburton.

Cheering them on is Henry, the minuscule Chicken Hawk, who could be played by any of the draft dodging, but war mongering, minuscule pundits on Fox News.

The good name of Daffy Duck is being besmirched today by Preacher Robertson. If Daffy had been holding a bible in "Rabbit Season" when he kept yelling "Shoot the Duck!" it would have been an even more perfect impersonation.

Foghorn Leghorn? Why, pompous Senator DeLay of course (whose new moniker probably should be "The Chiseler" rather than "The Hammer"). He even uses some of the same "fowl" play on opponents.

Indicted "undisclosed informant" Libby could be Froggy from "One Froggy Night" who only sings when the public is not around to hear. Dedicated WB aficionados will easily recognize AG Gonzales as Gossamer, the dungeon loving hairy beast. Former FEMA failure Brown does a heck-of-a-job moving even slower than Beaky Buzzard. And seriously, are we sure Secretary of State and former National Security Advisor Rice isn't really Marvin the Martian in drag, still out to destroy Earth "cause it's in the way."

Hanging around the edge of the set and the closest to a cartoon "hero" (now that he is no longer acting the Pepe - grab anything female that moves - LePew role) is former President Clinton. He still reeks a little though.

Bush? He's just fat cat Sylvester, although much smaller of stature, not nearly as smart and surprisingly less articulate than Sylvester. He's never going to catch Tweety let alone Osama.

Sadly, since neither Bugs or even the Road Runner are anywhere in sight to save the day, I guess we'll have to wait three years to hear the much needed words, "That's All, Folks!"

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